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8th MindBrainBody Symposium 2020
The next MBB Symposium will take place on March 15-16, 2020 at Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus | Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin

You can follow the MBB Symposium final program here: PROGRAM

You can download the symposium booklet here.  Please do NOT print because you will get a printed copy during registration: BOOKLET MBBS

You can enjoy the photos of our 7th MBB Symposium here: Photos MBBS 2019

Previously presented posters are also welcomed. Maximum poster size is 900 x 1200 mm (width x height, portrait format). Poster abstracts can be found in the symposium booklet.

You will be supplied with pins to hang your posters. You can also have with you printouts of your poster (A4) for distribution, if you wish. Each applicant should prepare max. 1-min presentation (max 3 sentences) for the poster session.

We have scheduled 2 big poster presentation slots with different sessions, one on March 15 starting 7 pm (poster session A & B), and one on March 16, starting at 1 pm (poster sessions C & D). You will be informed in which session is your poster presentation in the symposium Booklet. You should bring your posters to symposium venue, and during the registration (for poster session A & B)  or lunch break before poster session (for poster session C & D) , you should hang your poster according to your number. Directly after the complete poster slots (not only your session), the posters should be taken back by each applicant.


Oral Presentations
If you wish to have poster or oral presentation, please provide an abstract with title and author list. Only the best abstracts will be chosen for oral presentations.

Oral presentations are 15 minutes only (10 min talk / 4 min discussion).
The file of your talk/Oral Presentation, you can bring with USB stick, and the technician will save on the computer during the breaks before the session. Please note that you will not be able to use your laptop. You can have the chance to try your presentation beforehand to see whether all your features are actively working. Your talk will be scheduled either for Panel 1, or Panel 2 on Monday, 16.03.2020.
The final schedule you can follow-up on our website later.

Abstract Authors
Please write the authors’ names and affiliations following the format of the example below (max. 60 characters). Please  don’t forget each comma, point, brackets and “&” signs. Indicate each author’s affiliation after his/her name with brackets and number(s) as shown. Include ONLY city but not state/country in the affiliation line!  Example:

Nierhaus, T. [1,2], Vidaurre, C. [1], Mueller, K. [3], & Villringer, A. [1,2]

[1] Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
[2] MindBrainBody Institute, Berlin School of Mind and Brain, HU, Berlin
[3] Machine Learning Department, Technical University Berlin, Berlin

Abstract Details
The abstract should NOT exceed 300 words! Please AVOID references, literature, bibliography, and figures in the abstract. It should include Introduction,  Methods,  Results, and  Discussion sections in separate paragraphs.

Introduction: Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Methods: Xxxxx  xx xx   xxxxx xxxxxxx.
Results: Xxxx  xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx.
Discussion: Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx.

We offer 2 parallel workshops.

There will also be Sponsor Parallel Workshops by Brain Products and Biopac Systems, Inc.

MBB Young Scientist Award
We offer a MBB Young Scientist Award which will provide you with the opportunity of a funded research stay at MindBrainBody Institute or at the Neurology Department of Max Planck Institute Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig (MPI CBS Leipzig). If you want to be considered for the selection of the MBB Young Scientist Award, please add a project idea (in the research areas of MindBrainBody Institute) to be performed in a 3-month period within the next year, using behavioral and neurophysiological / neuroimaging methods available at our Institute. The project can be conducted in co-supervision. Project Proposal text should be in a form of short proposal including Introduction, Research Question, and Methods (about 800 words).

The winner will be announced at the end of the MBB Symposium.

Online Registration
Attendance without presentation is possible. Previously presented posters are also welcomed. Please register here:

In the Registration link (survey), please try to use characters existing only in English alphabet (excluding other characters). Please note that you will NOT get any confirmation email directly after registering online, but just a note on the survey Webpage saying: “Thank you! Your survey responses have been recorded.”


Deadline: December 20, 2019

Acceptance Email and Bank Details
You will receive an acceptance email in January 2020 with the bank transfer details for the registration fee. The registration fee should be transferred by January 30, 2020. You will get from us the receipt of the payment during the Symposium in March. Registration Fee: 40 EUR

You will get the payment voucher with your attendance certificate at the end of the MBB Symposium.


For further questions, please contact

Dr. Anahit Babayan | Email: babayan(at)