VRiday meetup – abstract Sofía Seinfeld

Body Ownership and Agency in Human Computer Interaction
Body ownership illusions and agency towards an artificial virtual body can be evoked when certain multisensory principles are fulfilled. When participants see a life-size virtual body from first person perspective, they can experience the temporal illusion that the artificial body is their own real body. It has been shown that the type of body in which embodiment occurs, can differently impact participants’ perceptions and cognition. In this talk I will first discuss the use of ownership illusions to tackle real life problems, such as domestic violence. I will show evidence of how offenders’ emotional recognition skills can be improved after experiencing the illusion of being in the body of a female victim through virtual reality. Next, I will explain how the inclusion of rich multisensory feedback can enhance these illusions, even in conditions where the normal appearance of the artificial body is drastically violated. For example, when there is a clear visual discontinuity between a virtual hand and the rest of the body. Finally, I will discuss how rich multisensory feedback can be exploited to enhance users’ experience in new human computer interaction paradigms. More specifically, I will show this in reference to some virtual reality applications and in the context of levitation interfaces where the unadorned user can see, feel, and touch physical representations of virtual data.